Achievements are special rewards awarded to player to provide more sense of progress in between reaching new ages, as well as goals outside of the game's main progression. It is also one more way to celebrate your progress through the game.

You can find Achievements if you open your Profile section in the Town Hall. It can also be accessed via clicking on your city's name in the top left corner of your browser game or by clicking on your portrait in the app and then choosing "Profile".

Achievements Profile

Achievements are awarded each time you complete their specific task. When awarded, a note will appear inside the game and will be also displayed in the News section.

When you hover over an achievement, you will learn about your progress and the requirement for the next level:
Achievements Info


To be displayed, achievements need to be chosen in the Favorite Achievements section. You can have up to 3 of them in there:
Achievements Favorite

To add an achievement, simply click on one of the "+" buttons, then on one of the achievements below. If you already have an achievements there, you can replace it by clicking on it and then on the preferred achievement below.

To delete an achievement from that section, click on it and then on the "x" button:
Achievements Delete

Favorite achievements can be seen by hovering over a player's portrait on the social bar. In the app you can see them if you click on another player on the mentioned bar. You can't see your own achievements this way, though.
Achievements Display


Most of them are available in 5 graphical representations:
1. Hey, Big Spender achievement Locked – Achievement is yet to be obtained. It will look half-transparent.
2. Achievement example bronze Bronze – First level of achievement is unlocked.
3. Achievement example silver Silver – Second level of achievement is unlocked.
4. Achievement example gold Gold – Third level of achievement is unlocked.
5. Achievement example blue Supreme – Forth level of achievement is unlocked.
6. Achievement example purpleMaster [In Development] – Fifth level of achievement is unlocked.

Some of them, however, exist only in Locked & Bronze representations.



Display Name Info
Home Sweet Home achievement Home Sweet Home Bronze: Construct 20 Residential Buildings.
Silver: Construct 75 Residential Buildings.
Gold: Construct 150 Residential Buildings.
Supreme: Construct 250 Residential Buildings.
Executive Producer achievement Executive Producer Bronze: Construct 10 Production Buildings.
Silver: Construct 20 Production Buildings.
Gold: Construct 50 Production Buildings.
Supreme: Construct 100 Production Buildings.
Lock and Load achievement Lock and Load Bronze: Construct 10 Military Buildings.
Silver: Construct 20 Military Buildings.
Gold: Construct 50 Military Buildings.
Supreme: Construct 100 Military Buildings.
How Pretty achievement How Pretty! Bronze: Construct 30 Decorations.
Silver: Construct 100 Decorations.
Gold: Construct 250 Decorations.
Supreme: Construct 500 Decorations.
Happy Day achievement Happy Day! Bronze: Construct 5 Culture Buildings.
Silver: Construct 25 Culture Buildings.
Gold: Construct 75 Culture Buildings.
Supreme: Construct 150 Culture Buildings.

All Roads Lead to Rome achievement

All Roads Lead to Rome Bronze: Construct 100 roads.
Silver: Construct 500 roads.
Gold: Construct 1,000 roads.
Supreme: Construct 2,000 roads.
That's a Great Building achievement That's a Great Building! Bronze: Have 5 Great Buildings.
Silver: Have 10 Great Buildings.
Gold: Have 20 Great Buildings.
Supreme: Have 30 Great Buildings.
Urbanization achievement Urbanization Bronze: Have 20 expansions.
Silver: Have 50 expansions.
Gold: Have 100 expansions.
Supreme: Have 150 expansions.


Display Name Info

One for the Piggy Bank achievement

One for the Piggy Bank Bronze: Collect 10,000 Coins coins.
Silver: Collect 2M Coins coins.
Gold: Collect 50M Coins coins.
Supreme: Collect 500M Coins coins.

Hammer Time achievement

Hammer Time Bronze: Collect 10,000 Supplies supplies.
Silver: Collect 2M Supplies supplies.
Gold: Collect 50M Supplies supplies.
Supreme: Collect 500M Supplies supplies.

Heavy Medal achievement

Heavy Medal! Bronze: Collect 1,000 Medals medals.
Silver: Collect 50,000 Medals medals.
Gold: Collect 500,000 Medals medals.
Supreme: Collect 2M Medals medals.

Good God achievement

Good God Bronze: Collect 5,000 GoB goods.
Silver: Collect 75,000 GoB goods.
Gold: Collect 500,000 GoB goods.
Supreme: Collect 2M GoB goods.

Hey, Big Spender achievement

Hey, Big Spender! Bronze: Spend 50 Forge Forge Points in a day.
Silver: Spend 150 Forge Forge Points in a day.
Gold: Spend 500 Forge Forge Points in a day.
Supreme: Spend 2,000 Forge Forge Points in a day.


Display Name Info

Nice Try achievement

Nice Try Bronze: Lose 25 battles.
Silver: Lose 75 battles.
Gold: Lose 250 battles.
Supreme: Lose 550 battles.

Victory achievement

Victory! Bronze: Win 25 battles.
Silver: Win 100 battles.
Gold: Win 1,000 battles.
Supreme: Win 50,000 battles.

Outlaw achievement

Outlaw Bronze: Plunder 20 buildings.
Silver: Plunder 250 buildings.
Gold: Plunder 1,500 buildings.
Supreme: Plunder 3,000 buildings.

Veni Vidi Vici achievement

Veni Vidi Vici Bronze: Acquire 15 provinces.
Silver: Acquire 50 provinces.
Gold: Acquire 100 provinces.
Supreme: Acquire 250 provinces.

Great Wall of China achievement

Great Wall of China Bronze: Defend your city 5 times.
Silver: Defend your city 50 times.
Gold: Defend your city 200 times.
Supreme: Defend your city 500 times.

Guild Expedition

Display Name Info

You Call This Archaeology achievement

You Call This Archaeology? Bronze: Solve 20 encounters by fighting.
Silver: Solve 100 encounters by fighting.
Gold: Solve 300 encounters by fighting.
Supreme: Solve 1,000 encounters by fighting.

He Chose Wisely achievement

He Chose... Wisely. Bronze: Solve 20 encounters by negotiating.
Silver: Solve 100 encounters by negotiating.
Gold: Solve 300 encounters by negotiating.
Supreme: Solve 1,000 encounters by negotiating.

X Marks the Spot achievement

X Marks the Spot! Bronze: Collect 10 common relics.
Silver: Collect 50 common relics.
Gold: Collect 200 common relics.
Supreme: Collect 500 common relics.

Throw me the Idol achievement

Throw me the Idol! Bronze: Collect 4 uncommon relics.
Silver: Collect 20 uncommon relics.
Gold: Collect 80 uncommon relics.
Supreme: Collect 200 uncommon relics.

It Belongs in a Museum achievement

It Belongs in a Museum! Bronze: Collect 1 rare relic.
Silver: Collect 5 rare relics.
Gold: Collect 20 rare relics.
Supreme: Collect 50 rare relics.

Don't Call Me Junior achievement

Don't Call Me Junior! Bronze: Finish 2 expedition maps.
Silver: Finish 10 expedition maps.
Gold: Finish 50 expedition maps.
Supreme: Finish 150 expedition maps.

Very Dangerous achievement

Very Dangerous... I Go First. Bronze: Finish the highest expedition difficulty 1 time.
Silver: Finish the highest expedition difficulty 5 times.
Gold: Finish the highest expedition difficulty 20 times.
Supreme: Finish the highest expedition difficulty 50 times.

Friends Tavern

Display Name Info

Innkeeper achievement

Innkeeper Bronze: Have 6 chairs in your Friends Tavern.
Silver: Have 10 chairs in your Friends Tavern.
Gold: Have 14 chairs in your Friends Tavern.
Supreme: Have 16 chairs in your Friends Tavern

Silver Collector achievement

Silver Collector Bronze: Gain 20,000 Tavern Silver tavern silver.
Silver: Gain 100,000 Tavern Silver tavern silver.
Gold: Gain 300,000 Tavern Silver tavern silver.
Supreme: Gain 1,000,000 Tavern Silver tavern silver.

One of Many Faces achievement

One of Many Faces Bronze: Sit in 50 Friend Taverns.
Silver: Sit in 1,000 Friend Taverns.
Gold: Sit in 7,500 Friend Taverns.
Supreme: Sit in 20,000 Friend Taverns.

Up It Goes achievement

Up It Goes Bronze: Activate 10 boosts from your Friends Tavern.
Silver: Activate 50 boosts from your Friends Tavern.
Gold: Activate 175 boosts from your Friends Tavern.
Supreme: Activate 500 boosts from your Friends Tavern.


Display Name Info

A Little Help for your Friends achievement

A Little Help for your Friends Bronze: Polish or motivate 1,000 buildings in other players' cities.
Silver: Polish or motivate 10,000 buildings in other players' cities.
Gold: Polish or motivate 50,000 buildings in other players' cities.
Supreme: Polish or motivate 100,000 buildings in other players' cities.

The Social Network achievement

The Social Network Bronze: Have 15 friends.
Silver: Have 30 friends.
Gold: Have 80 friends.
Supreme: Have 100 friends.


Display Name Info

Forward to the Future achievement

Forward to the Future Bronze: Reach 2 ages.
Silver: Reach 5 ages.
Gold: Reach 10 ages.
Supreme: Reach 15 ages.

Cherry Blossom Fever achievement

Cherry Blossom Fever Bronze: Finish the main questline of the annual Spring Event.
Silver: Finish the main questline of the annual Spring Event 2 different years.

FoE Fan Club achievement

FoE Fan Club Bronze: Play Forge of Empires for 365 days.
Silver: Play Forge of Empires for 730 days.
Gold: Play Forge of Empires for 1,095 days.
Supreme: Play Forge of Empires for 1,460 days.

May Day achievement

May Day Bronze: Finish the main questline of the May Day Event.

Beach Club achievement

Beach Club Bronze: Finish the main questline of the Summer Event.

Big Apple achievement

Big Apple Bronze: Finish the main questline of the Fall Event.

Boo achievement

Boo! Bronze: Finish the whole Halloween questline.
Let it snow Bronze: Finish the main questline of the Winter Event.
Touchdown! Bronze: Finish the main questline of the Forge Bowl Event.

Unreleased achievement 9

The Carnival's Mask Bronze: Finish the main questline of the Carnival Event.

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