Artificial Scale Artisans
Artificial Scale Artisans
The Artificial Scale Artisans
Age Age Oceanic Future
Technology Tech Hardened Scales
Resources Coins 332,000 Supplies 716,000
Time Clock 15:00:00
Size Size 5x6
Population Population 4,450
Connection Street Required Two-lane street required
Production Artificial Scales Artificial Scales
Good Deposit Cotton Textiles


Happiness -280


The Artificial Scale Artisans is a goods building of the Oceanic Future that produces Artificial Scales. The production requires the unrefined good of Preservatives from the Tomorrow Era. If the player controls the good deposit of Cotton (which eventually can be found in the provinces of either the Industrial Age or the Postmodern Era) the production is multiplied by five.

This building requires a Street Required two lane road connection to the Town Hall.

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