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The Ballista
Age Age Iron Age
Class Artillery Units Artillery Unit
Attack Attack 4
Defense Defense 3
Range Range 13
Movement Movement 6
Attack Bonuses vs. Heavy Units Heavy Unit 4

in Hills Hills 2

Defense Bonuses vs. Heavy Units Heavy Unit 4
Special Skills
Special Skills none
Requirements Tech Mathematics

MIBU Ballista Camp

Training Cost Supplies 250
Training Time Clock 2:00:00
Healing Time Clock 00:12:00

The Ballista is an Iron Age unit. It is equivalent of the Bronze Age‎ Stone Thrower or the Early Middle Ages Catapult.

It has an attack bonus on hills and effective against heavy class units, such as Legionnaire. It has improved attack range, attack value and defense value over the Bronze age stone thrower however, it is vulnerable to any attack due to its low defense.

It can be used as fire support by staying behind the army. A full group of Ballistas can be used in combat against both melee classes, but vulnerable if enemies contain fast units, such as Mounted Warriors.


  • The attack value was reduced by one (from 5 to 4) in the update 1.05
  • The attack and defense boost on Heavy Units was raised from 2 to 4 in the 1.06 update

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Legend: Light Units= Light Unit Class Heavy Units= Heavy Unit Class Fast Units= Fast Unit Class Ranged Units= Ranged Unit Class Artillery Units= Artillery Unit Class

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