The Brewery
Age Age Late Middle Ages
Technology Tech Brewing Kettles
Resources Coins 56,000 Supplies 9,500
Population Population 136
Time Clock 08:50:00
Size Size 3x3
Supplies Supplies 400 per Clock 1:00:00h
Connection Road Required Road required



The Brewery is the last unlocked production building in the Late Middle Ages. However this is less efficient than its precessor the Cooperage. It is smaller and needs less population but also produces less supplies.
When the Brewery is motivated, its output is doubled until the next collection.


Production 44,44 per hour and tile.[1]

Production Options

Item Name Production Time Amount
Brewery 1 Mead Clock 0:05:00 Production 70
Brewery 2 Mug of Beer Clock 0:15:00 Production 160
Brewery 3 Keg of Beer Clock 1:00:00 Production 400
Brewery 4 Barrel of Beer Clock 4:00:00 Production 670
Brewery 5 Some Barrels of Beer Clock 8:00:00 Production 1,000
Brewery 6 Many Barrels of Beer Clock 24:00:00 Production 2,000

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  1. Efficiency is measured by an assumed maximum production per hour (with the 1-hour-production option) divided by the number of tiles that the actual building occupies. To be used as a simple and objective comparison towards other production buildings.
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