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Bronze Age
Town Hall (Bronze Age)
The Town Hall of the Bronze Age
Technologies Tech 22
Forge Points Forge 127
Coins Coins 2,300
Supplies Supplies 2,300
Goods GoB 4

The Bronze Age is the second age in Forge of Empires and the first age where cultural, goods, great, and military buildings can be built. This is also the first age with premium buildings costing diamonds to build. The Bronze Age includes four provinces to conquer: Dunarsund, Fel Dranghyr, Tyr, and Hymir.

It is preceed by the Stone Age And Followed by the Iron Age. The Bronze Age is a time period characterized by the use of bronze, proto-writing, and other early features of urban civilization.

Residential Buildings

Production Buildings

Goods Buildings

Cultural Buildings

  • BronzeAge Theater Theater1-Provides 540 Happiness
  • BronzeAge Tavern Tavern-Provides 280 Happiness
  • Stonecircle Full Stone Circle-Provides 182 Happiness
  • BronzeAge School School- Provides 240 Happiness

Military Buildings

Great Buildings


  • Bush Full Bush-Provides 20 Happiness
  • Flowers Flowers-Provides 20 Happiness
  • Hedge Full Hedge-Provides 22 Happiness
  • Pillar Full Pillar1-Provides 57 Happiness
  • BronzeAge Statue Statue-Provides 21 Happiness


  • Path - Path - Provides 5 Happiness.


1 Premium items

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