Currently, Forge of Empires has nine types of buildings.

  • REBU Residential Buildings: These buildings are providing population in your city which are required for working at the production buildings and some special buildings. Furthermore they produce coins (Coins) in form of taxes.
  • PRBU Production Buildings: If you want to produce supplies (Supplies) then you should build those production buildings. Those buildings do require some population in order to work.
  • GOBU Goods Buildings: Goods are important for buildings special buildings (and much more) if you want to manufacture them build the according good building. In order to produce them they need some coins and supplies though.
  • DECO Decorations: To keep your citizens happy you can build some decoration in your city. These small buildings do not require a road and give you a boost in your happiness.
  • CUBU Cultural Buildings: The cultural buildings produce happiness to keep your population happy and productive. Those buildings are bigger than the decoration but they also do provide more happiness per square.
  • MIBU Military Buildings: At times of war you want to produce troops, then you should get some of the military buildings. Those barracks train your brave soldiers and heal them once they have returned.
  • Road Required Roads: Most of the buildings have to be connected to the Town Hall the heart of your city. You can do that with roads.
  • GRBU Great Buildings: Great buildings not just famous in history but also useful in Forge of Empires. Those buildings have special abilities that can be unlocked once build and then expanded when the building is upgraded.
  • SPBU Special Buildings: Every once in a while there are events on Forge of Empires and in more or less every event has one or more special buildings.