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Troops, the unit fight for you in the battle, acting an essential role in the game. There are five type of troops in the game and vary from age. behind them are maps of the region or other peoples empires

They are light_melee(Light Infantry), heavy_melee(Heavy Infantry), fast(Cavalry), short_range(Range Infantry) and long_range(Range Machine). They have different propertise, making them having advantages or vulnerable to others.

To train a unit, you have to build their specific barrack/building after having researched the technology. An example is to have researched Spears(Technology), build a Spearfighter Barrack then you can train Spearfighters . A barrack can train two unit at first and have two more slot can be unlock, fifth slot need diamonds to unlock. A barrack can train and afford 5 unit at most but 4 unit without usage of diamond.

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|- ! scope="col"|Age ! scope="col"|Unit Name ! scope="col"|Unit Type ! scope="col"|Building |- |Bronze |Spearfighter |Light Melee | |- |Bronze |Slinger |Short Range | |- |Bronze |Horseman |Fast | |- |Bronze |Warrior |Heavy Melee | |- |Broze |Stone Thrower |Long Range | |- |Iron |Soldier |Light Melee | |- |Iron |Archer |Short Range | |- |Iron |Mounted Warrior |Fast | |- |Iron |Legionnaire |Heavy Melee | |- |Iron |Ballista |Long Range | |- |Early Middle |Mercenary |Light Melee | |- |Early Middle |Mounted Archer |Short Range | |- |Early Middle |Heavy Cavalry |Fast | |- |Early Middle |Armored Infantry |Heavy Melee | |- |Early Middle |Catapult |Long Range | |- |High Middle |Berserker |Light Melee | |- |High Middle |Crossbowman |Short Range | |- |High Middle |Knight |Fast | |- |High Middle |Heavy Infantry |Heavy Melee | |- |High Middle |Trebuchet |Long Range | |- |Late Middle |Great Sword Warrior |Light Melee | |- |Late Middle |Longbow Archer |Short Range | |- |Late Middle |Heavy Knight |Fast | |- |Lae Middle |Imperial Guard |Heavy Melee | |- |Late Middle |Cannon |Long Range |

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