Hello Kings and Queens,

Here is the latest update coming to your server on August 8th 2012! We will announce the update a day or so before ingame as well. We have polished our battle interface to make it a bit more shiny and usable.

New and improved Interface

• You can now speed up your battles that you are playing yourself. There is a speed button on the side.

• You can now turn the sound on and off in battle.

• You can go to fullscreen battle mode.

- The login page has been improved and displays which world you last played on (NEW)

Additional features

• Your Guild Neighbourhood now shows times for all your fellow guild-members.

• When our payments system is down, your diamonds is set to 0 for 10 seconds and you will have a warning triangle blinking.

• The Neighbourhood bar should now be more reactive than before.

- Please note that the "collect all finished products" premium cost has been reduced (from 10 Diamonds to 5 Diamonds) (NEW)


• [Functionality] Withdrawn invitations to guilds no longer appear in a player's Event History.

• [Functionality] Repetitively clicking on the friends tab caused a graphical distortion in the social bar, this has now been fixed.

• [Functionality] Military units revived with diamonds appeared to have no health in their associated building, this is now fixed.

• [Quest] - A fool's problem - happiness is not recognized, we fixed the happiness recognition.

• [Functionality] "Return to Forge of Empires" no longer makes guild forums unresponsive.

• [Functionality] Neighbourhood filters for Trades now works as they should.

- A bug that was caused through unconnected buildings was solved (NEW)

- The trade offers order has been fixed (best ratio first again) (NEW)

- A battle freeze bug has been resolved (NEW)

Thank you for all your help and posts in the bug section. Please leave your feedback here!


The Forge of Empires Team