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Coins are one of the main resources along with Supplies. It is used for everything from recruiting armies to buying Forge Points. Coins are earned from Residential Buildings and by fulfilling quests. Each Residential Building produce different values of coins: some take minutes while others can take as long as one day. The amount of coins produced depends on how frequent the player checks their game.

Coins are mainly used for:

  • Unlocking Technology
  • Purchasing Buildings
  • Buying Forge Points (Note that the cost to buy one point goes up 50 coins after each purchase)
  • Infiltrating enemy armies
  • Scouting a province
  • Fulfilling certain quests

A note of interest is that the Hut (first residential building available) makes more coins than most of other buildings, but the problem is that it is required to be collected every 5 minutes.

Coins Packages

Coins packages are sometimes awarded during events. The amount of coins included in every package differs with age.

Large Coins Package

Age Age Coins
Bronze Age 500
Iron Age 4,000
Early Middle Ages 8,000
High Middle Ages 12,000
Late Middle Ages 20,000
Colonial Age 30,000
Industrial Age 40,000
Progressive Era 60,000
Modern Era 80,000
Postmodern Era 120,000
Contemporary Era 180,000
Tomorrow 220,000
The Future 250,000
Arctic Future 280,000
Oceanic Future ?

Medium Coins Package

Age Age Coins
Bronze Age ?
Iron Age ?
Early Middle Ages ?
High Middle Ages ?
Late Middle Ages ?
Colonial Age ?
Industrial Age ?
Progressive Era ?
Modern Era ?
Postmodern Era ?
Contemporary Era ?
Tomorrow ?
The Future ?
Arctic Future ?
Oceanic Future ?

Small Coins Package

Age Age Coins
Bronze Age 250
Iron Age 2,000
Early Middle Ages 4,000
High Middle Ages 6,000
Late Middle Ages 10,000
Colonial Age 15,000
Industrial Age 20,000
Progressive Era 30,000
Modern Era 40,000
Postmodern Era 60,000
Contemporary Era 90,000
Tomorrow 110,000
The Future 125,000
Arctic Future 140,000
Oceanic Future ?