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The Confectionary


Age All Ages


Tech None

Building cost

Supplies None


Population Starting from 25


Size 4x2

Building time

Clock 00:00:20


Production Starting from 84 in
Clock 01:00:00


Renovation Kit Yes


The Confectionary is a special building, which was first given as a reward during the 2012 Winter Event.

When the Confectionary is motivated its production is doubled. The production is also boosted by enthusiastic population and by boosts of certain great buildings. The building can be plundered if it isn't motivated.

This building requires a road connection.

Quest awards can upgrade this building to a Large Confectionary or a Huge Confectionary.


Age Provides
per hour
Bronze Age Production 84 Population 25
Iron Age Production 200 Population 46
Early Middle Ages Production 320 Population 69
High Middle Ages Production 490 Population 90
Late Middle Ages Production 620 Population 110
Colonial Age Production 790 Population 130
Industrial Age Production 960 Population 150
Progressive Era Production 1,130 Population 170
Modern Era Production 1,310 Population 190
Postmodern Era Production 1,500 Population 205
Contemporary Era Production 1,680 Population 221

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