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The Crossbowman
Age Age High Middle Ages
Class Ranged Units Ranged Unit
Attack Attack 20
Defense Defense 10
Range Range 5
Movement Movement 12
Attack Bonuses Heavy Units vs Heavy Unit 6
Defense Bonuses Heavy Units vs Heavy Unit 6
Special Skills
Special Skills none
Requirements Tech Crossbows
MIBU Crossbow Range
Training Cost Coins 340 Supplies 80
Training Time Clock 4:00:00
Healing Time Clock 0:24:00

Crossbowmen are a High Middle Ages ranged unit, trainable in Crossbow Range which is unlocked after having researched the Crossbow technology,

Just like their predecessor, Archer (just ignore Mounted Archer which is a special case), Crossbowman have the highest attack value among all High Middle Ages units, an attack value of 20 which is same as Berserker but a slightly decreased attack range of 5 and a very low defensive value of 10, making them much more vulnerable than other units from the same age. *This makes them vulnerable to the Iron Age Archer with a Range of 6, meaning that the Crossbowman can be attacked furtther away.

  • (Not anymore, as of version 1.0 update, the archer's range has been decreased to 5.)

Crossbowman are very effective against most units due to their high attack value and ranged attack advantage. It is recommended to deploy crossbowman behind melee classes, using the melee classes as a shield to protect crossbowman, Heavy Infantry is an optimal choice to act as shields as they have a high defensive value.


Crossbowmen in battle

Crossbowmen in battle

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Legend: Light Units= Light Unit Class Heavy Units= Heavy Unit Class Fast Units= Fast Unit Class Ranged Units= Ranged Unit Class Artillery Units= Artillery Unit Class

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