Early Middle Ages
Town Hall (Early Middle Ages)
The Town Hall of the Early Middle Ages
Technologies Tech 21
Forge Points Forge 505
Coins Coins 31,500
Supplies Supplies 63,250
Goods GoB 671

The Early Middle Ages (often storten to EMA) is the fourth age the player progresses through, and allows of technologies and building styles characterized by the predominant use of wood in the structures (e.g. Frame Houses and Clapboard Houses).

Starting with the decline of the Western Roman Empire, it is preceded by the Iron Age and followed by the High Middle Ages. This period suffers a population decline, especially in urban centres, a decline of trade, and increased immigration. The period has been labelled the "Dark Ages", a characterization highlighting the relative scarcity of literary and cultural output from this time.

The Early Middle Ages includes seven provinces: Pfefferberg, Dunkelwald, Greifental, Sturmhohen, Kaltenweiher, Teufelsfurt, and Felssenke.

Requirements for Age Completion