Forge Points, or simply referred to as "FP" or "F.P.", are used to research various technologies, trade with other players, and to upgrade Great Buildings.

It will cost you 1 Forge Point to fulfill a trade offer. Note that only the player that accepts the offer will have to spend 1 Forge Point; the player that created the trade offer won't. In guild-only trading, no Forge Point is needed.

An empty research bar

An empty research bar

You will receive 1 Forge Point every hour up to a maximum of 10. Should your Forge Points reach the maximum of 10, the timer will stop. It will start again (with the same time left on the counter as when it stopped) once you have 9 or fewer Forge Points, therefore it is highly recommended that you spend your Forge Points as often as possible.

At low level Bronze Age/Iron Age, it might not be worth it to buy them for coins, as the prices quickly become abnormal. At that level it is best to wait, and get a full bar every night-time.

Buying Forge Points

FP buying

Forge point purchasing window

It is also possible to buy Forge Points with either coins or diamonds. It costs 50 diamonds for each Forge Point.

You may buy the first Forge Point for 200 coins, and thereafter the price will increase by increments of 50 coins per point.  In the diagram below, the cost of FP has risen to 11850 coins, from the original 200 coins.

Forge Point Purchase Cost Formula

In determining how much X amount of Forge Points will cost in terms of coins (Y), use the formula: 

Y = X(initial amount to purchase) + 50(X(X-1)/2)


y = 25x2 + (Initial Value - 25)x

For example. I need 23 Forge Points to finish researching a technology. My starting cost is 3000 coins.

Y = X(3000) + 50(X(X-1) / 2)
Y = 23(3000) + 50(23 x 22 / 2)
Y = 81,650 Coins. 
Y = 25(23)2 + (2975)(23)  
Y = 25(529) + 68,425  
Y = 13,225 + 68,425  
Y = 81,650 Coins 

The equation is built upon the fact that purchasing a FP increases by +50 coins every time you purchase one.

Forge Point Packages

Forge Points can come in three packages: Small (2 FP), Medium (5 FP) and Large (10 FP). They are obtained through quests, Daily Challenges and by placing in the top ranks of a leveling Great Building.

Small Forge Point Package


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