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History & Development
Forge of Empires Closed Beta Forge of Empires Open Beta Forge of Empires 1.0
The World
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Age Name
SA Stone Age
BA Bronze Age
IA Iron Age
EMA Early Middle Ages
HMA High Middle Ages
LMA Late Middle Ages
CA Colonial Age
INA Industrial Age
PE Progressive Era
ME Modern Era
PME Postmodern Era
CE Contemporary Era
TE Tomorrow
FE The Future
AF Arctic Future
OF Oceanic Future

Boost Crate

Each Boost Crate represents a random boost item you will get when you open it. There are 4 different kinds of boosts:

  • Attack largeAttack mediumAttack smallAttack boost (20% chance)
  • Defend largeDefend mediumDefend smallDefense boost (20% chance)
  • Supplies largeSupplies mediumSupplies smallSupplies boost (30% chance)
  • Coins largeCoins mediumCoins smallCoins boost (30% chance)


Changelogs are a comprehensive list of the developments and updates which take place in the game. Our wiki endeavours to provide the latest changelogs as soon as possible. They can also be found in the forum.

Continent Maps

Arctic FutureIndustrial AgeGuild vs. GuildWorld Map

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are quests which when solved present the player with lucrative rewards. They are currently in the testing phase. They are comparatively tougher than regular quests and are completely optional.


Expansions allow the player to enlarge the building area of their city. One expansion unlocks an area of 4x4 tiles that has to be placed adjacent to the current building area grid. There are three ways to expand the building area: by paying with coins, by medals, or by diamonds. Expanding is crucial to increase supply and coin output. The player starts the game with 16 4x4 tile expansions.

Forge Point

Forge Points, or simply referred to as "FP", are used to research various technologies, trade with other players, and to upgrade Great Buildings.


A major component of Forge of Empires is Friends. Just like in real life, friends are vital to progressing in the game. The friend list opens up a whole new world in the social bar. This article deals with information and making friends, limitations and advantages.

Friends Tavern

The building is placed in the wilderness outside the city and is unlocked once the technology of Construction is researched. It holds place for 3 friends at first. Every friend visiting generates a set amount of Tavern Silver that can be collected at any time. This tavern silver can be used to buy helpful boosts in the Tavern Shop.


A Guild is a network of players in Forge of Empires that assist each other by giving advice, motivating and polishing, and fulfilling trades.

Guild Expeditions

Guild Expeditions is a cross-platform cooperative feature where you and your guildmates fight your way through a number of battlefields to get ahold of rewards and guild power.

Guild Support Pool

Support Pool is a component that used along with the Support Factor to determine the Support Bonus in a province. The Support Bonus boosts your defending (and sometimes siege) armies in your sectors.


Happiness of your population influences production and income. Happier citizens will pay more taxes and work harder for you, if they're enthusiastic you'll receive a whole 20 % bonus Gold and Supplies. You also get 20 % more points for tournaments and your overall score may grow faster. Max out when ever possible and do not let it ever fall to 50 %. Happiness does not affect the production of Goods Buildings.

Hit Point

The Hit Point is a unit describing the energy of all military units.

All controllable units start a battle with 10 hit points. This number can however be affected by special skills of other military units such as morale by military drummers. Enemy units can also be affected if the enemy army contains hit point affecting units.

All unplayable units on the campaign map also start a battle with 10 hit points but this number can be reduced by one point if the sector is infiltrated by the player. When a unit loses all of its hit points, it is killed.


Incidents are little things that happen in your city, and around it, while you are online or offline. Each login changes the place where existing incidents are placed. You may have up to 5 incidents spawning during one day.

When you click on an incident, it will disappear and give you some something in return - mainly in-game resources, including coins and supplies, but also medals, boosts or diamonds.


InnoGames GmbH is a developer and publisher of browser-based and mobile online games. They are the founders of Forge of Empires.

Military Unit

Other Military Units

Military Units
All Ages Heavy Units Color GuardLight Units Military DrummerLight Units RogueFast Units/Heavy Units Champion
Stone Age Light Units Clubman
Bronze Age Light Units SpearfighterHeavy Units WarriorFast Units Horseman
Ranged Units SlingerArtillery Units Stone Thrower
Iron Age Light Units SoldierHeavy Units LegionnaireFast Units Mounted Warrior
Ranged Units ArcherArtillery Units Ballista
Early Middle Ages Light Units MercenaryHeavy Units Armored InfantryHeavy Units BarbarianFast Units Heavy Cavalry
Ranged Units Mounted ArcherRanged Units Barbarian SlingerArtillery Units Catapult
High Middle Ages Light Units BerserkerHeavy Units Heavy InfantryFast Units Knight
Ranged Units CrossbowmanArtillery Units Trebuchet
Late Middle Ages Light Units Great Sword WarriorHeavy Units Imperial GuardFast Units Heavy Knight
Ranged Units Longbow ArcherArtillery Units Cannon
Colonial Age Light Units RangerHeavy Units GrenadierFast Units Dragoon
Ranged Units MusketeerArtillery Units Field Gun
Industrial Age Light Units Jaeger InfantryLight Units Brave WarriorHeavy Units HowitzerFast Units Lancer
Ranged Units RiflemanRanged Units Mounted BraveArtillery Units Breech Loader
Progressive Era Light Units ConscriptHeavy Units TankFast Units Armored Car
Ranged Units SniperArtillery Units Rapid Fire Cannon
Modern Era Light Units Bazooka TeamHeavy Units Battle TankFast Units Mechanized Infantry
Ranged Units ParatrooperArtillery Units Mechanized Artillery
Postmodern Era Light Units CommandoHeavy Units Universal TankFast Units IFV
Ranged Units MG TeamArtillery Units Rocket Artillery
Contemporary Era Light Units Strike TeamHeavy Units Assault TankFast Units Attack Helicopter
Ranged Units Anti-Aircraft VehicleArtillery Units Missile Artillery
Tomorrow Light Units Ultra APHeavy Units Stealth TankFast Units Combat Drone
Ranged Units Anti-Materiel SniperArtillery Units Microwave Blaster
The Future Light Units Exoskeleton SoldierHeavy Units Hover TankFast Units Drone Swarm
Ranged Units Satellite SpotterArtillery Units Rail Gun
Arctic Future Light Units Dragon DroneHeavy Units Battle FortressHeavy Units Behemoth
Fast Units Recon RaiderRanged Units Surrogate SoldierArtillery Units Plasma Artillery
Oceanic Future Light Units MantaLight Units ScimitarHeavy Units C.R.A.B. MechHeavy Units Octopod
Fast Units Hydroelectric EelFast Units GlidersRanged Units NautilusRanged Units Sub Cruiser
Artillery Units TurturretArtillery Units Medusa
Virtual Future Light Units Augmented SamuraiHeavy Units Ronin BotRanged Units Ninja

Legend: Light Units= Light Unit Class Heavy Units= Heavy Unit Class Fast Units= Fast Unit Class Ranged Units= Ranged Unit Class Artillery Units= Artillery Unit Class


It is possible to use goods to negotiate with a province as opposed to fighting for the province. The province will demand a minimum of one and a maximum of four different types of items. The amount of each item they require to buy the province scales to the difficulty it would be to conquer the province instead.