A major component of Forge of Empires is Friends. Just like in real life, friends are vital to progressing in the game. The friend list opens up a whole new world in the social bar. This article deals with information and making friends, limitations and advantages.

Making Friends- Information

Any 2 players in the whole server can become friends with each other. At the beginning, you are the only one on your friend list. Players can be invited by you to become friends or vice versa. The friend list holds all your friends and many of the actions what you can perform with a guildmate can be performed with a friend- except for one major action which will be discussed later. The friend list can have repetitions depending on who you have invited or who has invited you i.e. it may have players from your neighbourhood and guild also. Being friends with someone means you can see their trade offers and they yours- more on it in the last section. An important point to note is that you can never attack your friends.


At the beginning (closed beta), it was allowed to have unlimited friends. However, realizing that this feature could be severely exploited, a limitation was quickly created. You can only have 140 Friends in total. This limitation can have some extensions, they are: 140 Friends+ 1 You+ Invited Players. Invited Players are those players that have been invited to the game by you and you will receive diamonds for their achievements. You can remove them from your friend list- you will still receive your diamonds. Now, out of this 140 friends, only 80 can be invited by you. The remaining 70 will have to send you invites. Now, here is the catch- after you reach 80 friends, regardless if you have invited all 80 or not, you will not be able to send anymore friend requests. Example:- I have 79 friends out of which 40 have been invited by me and 39 have sent me invites. As soon as I invite the 80th player or he/she invites me, I will not be able to send anyone any more friend requests. The only exception made here is of friends you have invited to the game, they are not taken into consideration.


The major action is visiting taverns. You can visit a Friend's Tavern and leave them some Tavern Silver for a chance to get some yourself or a Forge Point. Also, you will be able to see their offers and they yours. However, please keep in mind that unlike guild trading, a Forge Point will still be charged as transaction fee while trading with friends. Also, you can contribute to their Great Buildings and they to yours. And last but certainly not the least, you will be able to aid them too.

Hope this article made it a bit more clearer about how the friends system in Forge of Empires works.