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Fruit Farm
Fruit Farm
The Fruit Farm


Age Bronze Age


Tech Cultivation

Building Cost

Coins 1,750 Supplies 130 Population 50

Building Time

Clock 0:40:00


Size 5x4


Production 130 in Clock 1:00:00


Road Required Road required


The Fruit Farm is the third production building in the game and is available after researching the Cultivation technology. The building has a high coin cost for its stage of the game and can be a bottleneck when working through the quests.

The large space requirement of the building is also a disadvantage and unless space has been reserved in the city layout it is generally necessary to sell older production buildings such as Hunters or Potteries .

Despite its large space requirements its population cost is low so the overall supply efficiency is higher than for the Pottery, however it is still very much at the low end of the range.

As a farm will be required for the quests it will be necessary to build one, ideally as a replacement for the Pottery. However as the cost of the building is high, the efficiency of the building is not good and the next unlocked production building, the Blacksmith, has a very high efficiency, therefore it is not advisable to build more than the minimum required.


Production 6.5 supplies per tile per hour


Supply Name  Output Time
(production per hour)


(production per tile)

Cabbage 22 5 m 264


Bananas 54 15 m 216 2.70
Apples 130 1 h 130 6.50
Cherries 217 4 h 54.25 10.85
Melons 325 8 h 40.62 16.25
Tomatoes 650 1 d 27.08 32.50

Other Production Buildings

Production Buildings
Stone Age Hunter
Bronze Age BlacksmithFruit FarmPottery
Iron Age ButcherGoat FarmTailor
Early Middle Ages BakeryShoemakerTannery
High Middle Ages AlchemistFarmWindmill
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Far Future Arctic Age To be released

Tailor, Bakery, Windmill, Spice Trader, Perfume Distillery, Wheelwright, Deli Shop, Film Studio, Greenhouse Complex, Computer Games Company, Urban Farm, and Sealife Tower are premium production buildings.

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