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Heavy Cavalry Stable

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Heavy Cavalry Stable
Heavy Cavalry Stable

Required Technology

Heavy Cavalry

Building Cost

14730 Gold 11420 Supplies 335 Population

Building Time

3 Hours 50 Minutes




Heavy Cavalry


Early Middle Age

3rd Slot Unlock Cost

3,700 Gold 2,900 Supplies

4th Slot Unlock Cost

9,800 Gold 7,600 Supplies

5th Slot Unlock Cost

100 Diamonds

A little bit of History:Edit

Humans have used for millennia to horses for war, probably since their domestication. The horse has been specially trained in various military applications, including battles, single combats, reconnaissance, transport and supply. The workhorse term refers to horses are used for fighting, either as cavalry in a battle or in single combat. The horse was the best known battle destrier employed by the knights of the Middle Ages. However, even the horses used for other purposes other than direct combat had a significant role in the success of military engagements paper. In the modern world, there are still uses for horses within the military.  

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