Imperial Guard Barracks
The Imperial Guard Barracks
Age Age Late Middle Ages
Technology Tech Pike Square
Resources Coins 84,520 Supplies 75,780
Population 716
Time Clock 12:20:00
Size Size 3 x 4
Connection Road Required Road required
Unit Heavy Units Imperial Guard
3rd Slot Cost Coins 21,100 Supplies 18,900
4th Slot Cost Coins 56,300 Supplies 50,500
5th Slot Cost Diamonds 120
Bonus Effect Blank None


The Imperial Guard Barracks is a Late Middle Ages Military Building. It is where a player can train the Imperial Guard, the heavy unit of the age. It is the fourth unlocked military building of the age. In order to construct the Imperial Guard Barracks, a player needs to have unlocked the Pike Square technology.

It is recommended to build the Imperial Guard Barracks, as they are effective against the light unit of the age, the Great Sword Warrior. However, the improved range of the ranged unit of the age means the Imperial Guard cannot always retaliate against the Longbow Archer if hit by it. 

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