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Greva Darn
Trader (InA)
Greva Darn


Age Industrial Age


Your Grace! Modern factories, booming industries, people as busy as bees - I love this era! Let's really kick off the production, shall we?


  • Produce 10 Gatling guns[1], 10 art pieces[2], 10 medications[3], or 10 stagecoaches[4]


Your Grace! Do you hear that? That's the sound of of all the coins rolling into your purse! Behold the true marvel of all these smoking factories!


  • 80,000 Supplies
  • 80,000 Coins

Additional Information

Skippable: YES

Previous Quest: Secrets Of The Goods III or Guano Guerdon

Next Quest: More Work or Knowledge Is Power (Industrial Age)


  1. Gatling Gun is 24-hour production of Gunsmith
  2. Art Piece is 24-hour production of Ceramics Factory
  3. Medication is 24-hour production of Chemical Plant
  4. Stagecoach is 24-hour production of Wheelwright