The Junkyard
Age Age Postmodern Era
Technology Tech Waste Management
Resources Coins 90,000 Supplies 86,200
Population Population 437
Time Clock 8:10:00
Size Size 5x4
Supplies Supplies 3,020 per Clock 1:00:00h
Side effect Happiness -500
Connection Road Required Road required



The Junkyard was implemented in Patch 1.27 on 3 June 2014. It is one of the first production buildings that provides an effect on negative happiness.

This building requires a Street Required two lane road connection to the Town Hall.


Production 151 per square and hour.[1]

Production Options

Item Name Production Time Amount
40x40px Iron parts Clock 0:05:00 Production 500
40x40px Spare parts Clock 0:15:00 Production 1,260
40x40px Used engines Clock 1:00:00 Production 3,020
40x40px Pressed car Clock 4:00:00 Production 5,030
40x40px Old trailer Clock 8:00:00 Production 7,540
40x40px Junk art Clock 24:00:00 Production 15,080

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  1. Efficiency is measured by an assumed maximum production per hour (with the 1-hour-production option) divided by the number of tiles that the actual building occupies. To be used as a simple and objective comparison towards other production buildings.
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