Late Middle Ages
Town Hall (Late Middle Ages)
The Town Hall of the Late Middle Ages
Technologies Tech 21
Forge Points Forge 1,072
Coins Coins 155,000
Supplies Supplies 427,500
Goods GoB 2,130

The Late Middle Ages (often shortened into LMA) is the 6th era in Forge of Empires. It is preceded by the High Middle Ages and followed by the Colonial Age. This era occurs during the early colonization of the Americas by Spain and Portugal. There is also change in Europe, with the height of the Renaissance and the religious Reformation at its peak, which results in a European divide between Catholicism and Protestantism.

This era includes seven provinces to conquer: Cragshire, Eldenborough, Cuttingham, Spearth, Wolvhampton, Four Gallows, and Mount Killmore.



Old World Continent
Bronze to Colonial Age Map HR
Provinces Rewards
Cragshire Medals
Eldenborough GoB
Cuttingham Size
Spearth Size
Wolvhampton GoB
Four Gallows CoinsSupplies
Mount Killmore Size


Requirements for Research
Forge 1,072
Coins 155,000
Supplies 427,500
Limestone 150
Ebony 140
Iron 100
Cloth 130
Jewelry 140
Alabaster 200
Copper 150
Gold 110
Granite 140
Honey 140
Brick 60
Dried Herbs 80
Glass 80
Rope 120
Salt 100
Basalt 80
Brass 50
Gunpowder 50
Silk 40
Talc Powder 70


Residential Buildings

Estate House Apartment House Manor
Size 2x2 Size 2x2 Size 2x2
Estate House ApartmentHouse Manor
Coins 120 in 1h

Population +123

Coins 440 in 8hrs

Population +205

Coins 400 in 4hrs

Population +246

Construction Costs
Coins 3,900

Supplies 14,500

Clock 5:30:00h

Coins 5,800

Supplies 21,800

Clock 7:20:00h

Diamonds 300

Clock 0:00:20h

Production Buildings

Cooperage Brewery Spice Trader
Size 3x4 Size 3x3 Size 3x3
Cooperage Brewery Spicefarm
Supplies 490 in 1hr Supplies 400 in 1hr Supplies 730 in 1hr
Construction Costs
Coins 61,000

Supplies 10,800

Population 164

Clock 10:30:00h

Coins 56,000

Supplies 9,500

Population 136

Clock 8:50:00h

Diamonds 500

Population 86

Clock 0:00:20h

Goods Buildings

Basalt Mason Brass Foundry Gunpowder Manufactory Silk Manufactory Talc Cutter
Size 4x4 Size 4x4 Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 3x3
Basalt Mason Brass Foundry Gunpowder Manufactory Silk Manufactory Talc Cutter
Production: Basalt Production: Brass Production: Gunpowder Production: Silk Production: Talc Powder
Production Costs (4 Hours)
Coins 1,600 Supplies 1,600
Deposit: Basalt Rock Deposit: Zinc Ore Deposit: Sulphur Blocks Deposit: Cocoons Deposit: Soapstone
Construction Costs
Coins 27,000 Supplies 54,000 Population 580 Clock 11:20:00h

Cultural Buildings

Cartographer Library Academy Palace
Size 3x2 Size 4x4 Size 4x4 Size 4x4
Cartographer Library Full Academy Full Palace
Happiness +320 Happiness +940 Happiness +980 Happiness +1,500
Construction Costs
Coins 30,000

Supplies 19,000

Clock 8:00:00h

Coins 81,000

Supplies 111,000

Clock 13:30:00h

Coins 115,000

Supplies 111,000

Clock 14:00:00h

Diamonds 500

Clock 0:00:20h

Military Buildings

Great Sword Warrior Barracks Longbow Archer Range Heavy Knight Stable Imperial Guard Barracks Cannon Camp
Size 3x3 Size 3x3 Size 4x4 Size 3x4 Size 3x4
GreatSwordBarracks LongbowArcheryrange HeavyKnightStable Pikemanbarracks Canoncamp
MiB Great Sword Warrior MiB Longbow Archer MiB Heavy Knight MiB Imperial Guard MiB Cannon
Construction Costs
Coins 48,300

Supplies 43,310

Population 391

Clock 9:00:00h

Coins 60,370

Supplies 54,130

Population 521

Clock 10:10:00h

Coins 72,440

Supplies 64,960

Population 846

Clock 11:20:00h

Coins 84,520

Supplies 75,780

Population 716

Clock 12:20:00h

Coins 96,590

Supplies 86,610

Population 846

Clock 13:30:00h


Group of Trees Tower Ruin Potted Plant Nautical Statue Waterspout Fountain
Size 2x2 Size 2x2 Size 1x1 Size 1x1 Size 1x1
Group of Trees Tower Ruin Potted Plant Nautical Statue Waterspout Fountain
Happiness +160 Happiness +170 Happiness +41 Happiness +39 Happiness +85
Construction Costs
Coins 28,750

Supplies 18,940

Clock 0:00:05h

Coins 24,250

Supplies 27,740

Clock 0:00:05h

Coins 6,831

Supplies 6,584

Clock 0:00:05h

Coins 4,817

Supplies 1,843

Clock 0:00:05h

Diamonds 110

Clock 0:00:05h

Great Buildings

Cathedral of St. Basil Castel del Monte
Size 5x5 Size 5x5
Cathedral of St. Basil Castel del Monte
MiB +3% Att/Def

(when Defending)

MiB +3% Att/Def

(when Attacking)

Coins 4,900 every
Forge +1 every
Construction Costs
Basalt 130
Brass 230
Silk 260
Talc Powder 250
Gunpowder 130
Basalt 270
Brass 170
Silk 140
Talc Powder 150
Gunpowder 270