MG Team
MG Team
The MG Team
Age Age Postmodern Era
Class Ranged Units Ranged Unit
Attack Attack 70
Defense Defense 55
Range Range 10
Movement Movement 14
Attack Bonuses Light Units vs Light Unit 35
Fast Units vs Fast Unit 35
Sandbag Circle in Entrenchments 35
Rocks on Rocks 25
Defense Bonuses Light Units vs Light Unit 35
Fast Units vs Fast Unit 35
Sandbag Circle in Entrenchments 35
Rocks on Rocks 25
Special Skills
Special Skills Dug In Dug In 20
Contact Contact!
Requirements Tech Squad Tactics
MIBU Machinegun Range
Training Cost Coins 420 Supplies 100
Training Time Clock 00:00:30
Healing Time Clock 0:24:00

The MG team are the ranged unit of the Postmodern Era. In contrast to progressive and modern era ranged units, MG teams are resistant to fast units and weak to artillery units. They have the special ability "Contact!" which allows them to retaliate against any unit that attacks it from within its range (7 hexes on the postmodern map), including those that are hidden. Currently, its description says always retaliates against attacks, but this refers to attacks that are in range. The currently available units that can attack a MG team without retaliation are artillery units, snipers, anti-materiel snipers and combat drones.

Other Military Units

Military Units
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Stone Age Light Units Clubman
Bronze Age Light Units SpearfighterHeavy Units WarriorFast Units Horseman
Ranged Units SlingerArtillery Units Stone Thrower
Iron Age Light Units SoldierHeavy Units LegionnaireFast Units Mounted Warrior
Ranged Units ArcherArtillery Units Ballista
Early Middle Ages Light Units MercenaryHeavy Units Armored InfantryHeavy Units BarbarianFast Units Heavy Cavalry
Ranged Units Mounted ArcherRanged Units Barbarian SlingerArtillery Units Catapult
High Middle Ages Light Units BerserkerHeavy Units Heavy InfantryFast Units Knight
Ranged Units CrossbowmanArtillery Units Trebuchet
Late Middle Ages Light Units Great Sword WarriorHeavy Units Imperial GuardFast Units Heavy Knight
Ranged Units Longbow ArcherArtillery Units Cannon
Colonial Age Light Units RangerHeavy Units GrenadierFast Units Dragoon
Ranged Units MusketeerArtillery Units Field Gun
Industrial Age Light Units Jaeger InfantryLight Units Brave WarriorHeavy Units HowitzerFast Units Lancer
Ranged Units RiflemanRanged Units Mounted BraveArtillery Units Breech Loader
Progressive Era Light Units ConscriptHeavy Units TankFast Units Armored Car
Ranged Units SniperArtillery Units Rapid Fire Cannon
Modern Era Light Units Bazooka TeamHeavy Units Battle TankFast Units Mechanized Infantry
Ranged Units ParatrooperArtillery Units Mechanized Artillery
Postmodern Era Light Units CommandoHeavy Units Universal TankFast Units IFV
Ranged Units MG TeamArtillery Units Rocket Artillery
Contemporary Era Light Units Strike TeamHeavy Units Assault TankFast Units Attack Helicopter
Ranged Units Anti-Aircraft VehicleArtillery Units Missile Artillery
Tomorrow Light Units Ultra APHeavy Units Stealth TankFast Units Combat Drone
Ranged Units Anti-Materiel SniperArtillery Units Microwave Blaster
The Future Light Units Exoskeleton SoldierHeavy Units Hover TankFast Units Drone Swarm
Ranged Units Satellite SpotterArtillery Units Rail Gun
Arctic Future Light Units Dragon DroneHeavy Units Battle FortressHeavy Units Behemoth
Fast Units Recon RaiderRanged Units Surrogate SoldierArtillery Units Plasma Artillery
Oceanic Future Light Units MantaHeavy Units C.R.A.B. MechFast Units Hydroelectric Eel
Ranged Units NautilusRanged Units Sub CruiserArtillery Units Turturret

Legend: Light Units= Light Unit Class Heavy Units= Heavy Unit Class Fast Units= Fast Unit Class Ranged Units= Ranged Unit Class Artillery Units= Artillery Unit Class