The Modern Era (often shortened into ME) is the 10th era in Forge of Empires. It is preceded by the Progressive Era, and followed by the Postmodern Era. This era sees radical change in society with the retro look and occurs during the mid cold war scenario of the Korean and Vietnam wars. This era also deals with the enormity of American influence. This parallels the Iron Age, whose buildings and quest line closely mirrored Roman developments. The Modern Era is the first of the eras which are heavily influenced by the culture and developments of the United States.

This era introduces new challenges, especially in matters of goods production, being the first in which goods of a previous era (in this case, the Colonial Age) are needed in order to produce refined ME goods.



Modern Era Continent
Modern Era Map HR
Provinces Rewards
Natsuishu Medals
Inashu CoinsSupplies
Chigikawa Size
Kyushima CoinsSupplies
Igioka CoinsSupplies
Igamoto GoB
Higematsu CoinsSupplies
Kibakuguchi CoinsSupplies
Toimuro CoinsSupplies
Hiromaguchi Size
Igujima GoB

Resources Required

Resources Required
Coins 1,124,456

Supplies 3,964,321 Forge 1,440

Ferroconcrete 360

Flavorants 190 Luxury Materials 330 Packaging 280 Convenience Food 350

Asbestos 250

Gasoline 380 Machine Parts 450 Tinplate 340 Explosives 330

Rubber 130

Coke 320 Textiles 300 Whale Oil 430 Fertilizer 160

Wire 90

Tar 130 Porcelain 90 Coffee 90 Paper 40


Residential Buildings

Production Buildings

Goods Buildings

Cultural Buildings

Military Buildings

Military Units

Great Buildings