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Greva Darn
Trader (InA)
Greva Darn


Age Industrial Age


Your Grace! Your efforts to expand your empire into the New World require your full attention. I think you should invest into the New World and into the future of your empire! So, what are you waiting for?


  • Gather 140,000 Supplies
  • Pay 40,000 Supplies


Your Grace! I'm convinced that your investments will pay off eventually. You should do what you can to support your settlers in the new continent.


  • 1 Random Reward
  • 1 Hidden Reward (30,000 Coins)

Additional Information

Skippable: YES

Previous Quest: Polivate

Next Quest: Protection Needed or Huts to Houses

Note: This needs confirmation, but most likely the next quest depends on how you aquired Okahe: If you used force you get "Protection Needed" and if you bought all sectors you get "Huts to Houses".