Pole House
Pole House
The Pole House
Age Age All Ages
Building Time Clock 00:00:05
Size Size 4x3
Provides Population 7
Happiness 380 or more
Production Taxes 380 or more in
Clock 24:00:00
Motivation Bonus Medals 6 or more in
Clock 24:00:00
Connection Road Required Road required
Upgradable Renovation Kit Renovation Kit or
One Up Kit One Up Kit required
Summer Event
2016, 2017


The Pole House is a special residential building first released during the 2016 Summer Event.

When the Pole House is motivated, its output is not only doubled but it produces medals as well. The coin output is also boosted by enthusiastic population and by boosts of certain great buildings. The building can be plundered if it isn't motivated.


Pole House
Age Happiness Coins in
Clock 24:00:00
Medals in
Clock 24:00:00
BA +380 380 6
IA +650 900 8
EMA +720 1,500 10
HMA +800 2,100 12
LMA +900 2,780 13
CA +1,060 4,230 16
InA +1,190 5,270 22
PE +1,310 6,390 30
ME +1,400 8,270 43
PME +1,460 10,000 60
CE +1,690 12,500 86
TOM +2,050 14,470 116
FUT +2,460 15,900 142
AF +2,870 18,060 172
OF +3,310 20,370 198

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