Reindeer Paddock
Reindeer Paddock
The Reindeer Paddock


Age All Ages


Tech None

Building cost

Supplies None


Population Starting from 17


Size 4x4

Building time

Clock 00:00:20


Production Starting from 136 in
Clock 01:00:00


Renovation Kit Yes


The Reindeer Paddock is a special building, which was first given as a reward during the 2013 Winter Event. It reappeared in subsequent events.

When the Reindeer Paddock is motivated its production is doubled. The production is also boosted by enthusiastic population and by boosts of certain great buildings. The building can be plundered if it isn't motivated.

This building requires a road connection.


Age Provides
per hour
Bronze Age Production 136 Population 17
Iron Age Production 326 Population 34
Early Middle Ages Production 540 Population 48
High Middle Ages Production 762 Population 63
Late Middle Ages Production 1,006 Population 77
Colonial Age Production 1,278 Population 91
Industrial Age Production 1,550 Population 105
Progressive Era Production 1,822 Population 118
Modern Era Production 2,120 Population 132
Postmodern Era Production 2,420 Population 144
Contemporary Era Production 2,721 Population 156
Tomorrow Era Production 3,050 Population 167
Future Era Production 3,350 Population 188
Arctic Future Production 3670 Population 199
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