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Rogue Hideout
Rogue Hideout
Rogue Hideout



Building Cost

400 Easter Egg

Building Time








3rd Slot Unlock Cost

? Easter Eggs / 150 Diamonds

4th Slot Unlock Cost

? Easter Eggs / 300 Diamonds

5th Slot Unlock Cost

100 Diamonds


The Rogue Hideout was a military building that could be bought at the Easter store during the 2013 Easter Event. Prior to the Easter store closing, one could buy this building for 400 Easter eggs. Rogues can be trained with this building. Training a Rogue does not cost any coins or supplies, but will take 24 hours. The first two slots to train a Rogue  are free. Prior to the Easter Store closing, you could buy an additional two more slots with eggs and diamonds, but now these slots can only be bought with diamonds.

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