Treasure Hunt and Sea Captain have been removed from the game as of April 16, 2018.

Sea Captain, also known as the Captain, did not give active quests but he was the sea captain on board the ship in the Treasure Hunt.

The treasure hunt became available when the technology of Cultivation had been researched.

The various chests held different prizes and the prizes increased as you went through the chests. The final destination was the 8 hour treasure, after which the treasure hunt restarted - you went back to the 5 minute one.


Gallery of the Sea Captain
Captain (BA) Captain (EMA) Captain (InA) Captain (CE)
Captain (TE) Captain (FE)

Other Quest Givers

Quest Givers
Regular Admiral Terry HuntFernikusGeneral GrivusGreva DarnMandrubarMycienaRagu Silvertongue1Rinbin
Additional BartenderCaptain2Cook3HasdrubaalPythia
Seasonal FrostyJack O'LanternRomeoJulietJackRoseRobinSheriffMarianAn-WarCaesarMarc AntonyCleopatraHildeCasanova

1 Ragu Silvertongue escaped after failing a Coup d'etat during the Colonial Age and was replaced by Myciena as right-hand.
2 Retired.
3 Not implemented yet.