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Stone Thrower
A Stone Thrower
Age Age Bronze Age
Class Artillery Units Artillery Unit
Attack Attack 3
Defense Defense (unit) 2
Range Range 12
Movement Movement 6
Attack Bonuses Heavy Units vs Heavy Unit 3
Defense Bonuses Heavy Units vs Heavy Unit 3
Terrain Bonuses Bushes on Hills 1
Requirements Tech Siege Weapons
MiB Thrower Camp
Training Cost Coins 0
Icon Supplies 180
Training Time Clock 02:00:00

The Stone Thrower is the long range unit of the bronze age. Having a horrendously low attack, low defence and low speed, however having the longest attack range in the Bronze Age. It receives an attack bonus on hills. Effective against the Heavy Melee Class. Unable to move through rock, water and swamps.

Stone throwers can also be stong against enemies when in high numbers. When attacking armies with 1-3 heavy melee troops, using 3-4 stone throwers is reccomended. Concentrate all of the attack on one of the heavy melee at a time untill they are all defeated. This will hopefully destroy all of the heavy melee before thay can attack, making it easier for the rest of your army.  After the Iron age, using stone throwers is not reccomended.

It is quite inefficient and useless, though can be a nuisance to the enemy when used in large numbers. This is because of its terrible stats, which render it useless very quickly as you progress; it should be used to take out ballistas, archers, slingers, warriors, mounted archers (EMA)

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