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First Birthday!
AtmacnhAdded by Atmacnh

A special building, first given as a reward for completing the 2013 Forge of Empire's 1st Birthday event.


The size is 2x2 squares. This building requires road connectivity in order to operate, as all buildings except for decorations and roads. It also gives 1 population..

Coin Production AmountEdit

The Coins returned are determined by the age in which it was earned, not the age in which you are in. 

  • Coin Production amount was increased for the 2014 Easter Event. Based on 100% Happiness.
Age Time Production*
Bronze Age 24 h 650
Iron Age 24 h


Early Middle Age 24 h 1000
High Middle Age 24 h 1400
Late Middle Age 24 h 1850
Colonial Age 24 h 3100
Industrial Age 24 h 4200
The Progressive Era 24 h 6400
Modern Era 24 h 8000

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