The Town Hall is the main building of the town. All buildings except decorations and some Special Buildings have to be connected to the Town Hall via roads. It is the only building that cannot be sold and also the only building that changes its appearance when advancing through the ages.

The Town Hall produces a daily bonus[1][2] every 24 hours. The player can also access the News Window, the Profile Window, and the Goods Window from the Town Hall.


Age Coins
Stone Age Taxes 250
Bronze Age Taxes 500
Iron Age Taxes 1,500
Early Middle Ages Taxes 2,500
High Middle Ages Taxes 4,000
Late Middle Ages Taxes 6,000
Colonial Age Taxes 9,000
Industrial Age Taxes 12,000
Progressive Era Taxes 16,000
Modern Era Taxes 20,000
Postmodern Era Taxes 25,000
Contemporary Era Taxes 30,000
Tomorrow Taxes 36,000
The Future Taxes 42,000
Arctic Future Taxes 49,000
Oceanic Future Taxes 56,000
Virtual Future Taxes 68,000



  1. Coins. The amount produced is age dependent (see Production).
  2. If the player is a member of a guild there might be extra daily bonuses collectible through the Town Hall.