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Wishing Well
Wishing Well
The Wishing Well


Age All Ages


Tech None

Building cost

Supplies None


Size 3x3

Building time

Clock 00:00:20


GoB Resources & commodities


Renovation Kit Automatic


The Wishing Well is a special building added during the 2013 Easter Event, but it became available again during later events. It produces different types of resources and commodities that can be collected every 24 hours. The chance of getting each different type of resource is unknown. The Wishing Well cannot be plundered and it automatically advances in age together with the player's development. It requires a road connection.


Age Coins Supplies GoB Medal Forge Diamonds
BA 450 450 10 2 2 50
IA 1,080 1,080 10 3 2 50
EMA 1,800 1,800 10 5 2 50
HMA 2,520 2,500 10 10 2 50
LMA 3,330 3,330 10 19 2 50
CA 5,060 4,320 10 31 2 50
IndA 6,320 5,130 10 49 2 50
PE 7,670 6,030 10 65 2 50
ME 9,540 7,020 201 90 2 50
PME 11,000 8,000 201 120 2 50
CE 15,620 12,500 201 160 2 50
TE 18,090 14,000 201 205 2 50

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